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Room 230, Saturday Noon
Simon had been horribly ignored for the louder characters keeping to himself a lot over the past few weeks. He'd spent some time on trying to calculate just how much slower time was going back in his home world, because he was wanting to go back for a visit – he missed his friends, and his family too – but first he was going to need to understand how long he could afford to stay there without losing too much time in this world. It didn't seem too good, though, when calling Alisha twice within a week made her laugh and call him a co-dependent creep.

So, he did other things to take his mind off of that. Mostly, that meant going running around town, especially in the abandoned warehouse districts. Slowly, he'd been adding climbing to his repertoire. Climbing and jumping, though not from great heights yet. He wasn't ready.

As much was obvious, right now. He'd just come back from one of those trips to the warehouse district. He'd already showered, but he was standing shirtless in his room, examining the bruise on the upper part of one of his arms. Yes, he'd fallen down. Yes, it had hurt.

Yes, that meant he just needed to keep practicing.

[ooc: Door half open, post completely so!]

Mercy had made it through the first week of classes for the semester and was finding the four day weekend that came with no classes on Thursday and Friday to be a little odd. In other words, she found herself a bit at loose ends as to what to do with all that free time.

She'd found herself thinking about Simon and, after gathering up all her courage had decided to just sort of casually stop by and say hello.

Which was why she was here now, knocking on his door.

By now, Simon had managed to put on a clean shirt, and was seated by his desk, looking up some things online. When he heard the knock, he looked up, and towards the door.

"Yes?" he called out.

She was very carefully not looking in through the half open door, though he might have been able to catch a glimpse of her there. "Hey, it's Mercy," she said. "I just... thought I'd stop by to say hello."

"Mercy?" Yes, Simon knew who she was; he just ended up asking that owlishly because it was so rare anyone came to say hi to him. He turned his chair towards the door. "Come in. The door's open."

... Yeah, she probably knew that, what with the door being open and her being outside it and everything.

Mercy slipped in, leaving the door just the way it had been when she arrived. "Hey. How are you doing? Classes going okay?"

She smiled at him a little shyly, letting herself lean back against the wall.

Simon returned the smile, about as shyly. And awkwardly. "They seem... useful," he said. "The classes. I'm taking the ones on cultural understanding and basic strategy."

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm in the cultural understanding one. I took a class with the two of them last time. They're... pretty unique. I'm also taking ethics, which is pretty intense, and a war and peace one where one of the teachers wants me to try saki as a homework assignment."

Mercy shook her head. "I can't figure out if he's serious or not."

"Well, he teaches at this school," Simon noted with a bit of wryness. "I think he might be serious." He wouldn't have put it past a member of the Fandom High faculty, in any case. "I think Mr. Alistair and Ms. Morrigan are from somewhere far away. I didn't recognize many of the terms Mr. Alistair used."

Mercy nodded. "Yeah. It's like they stepped out of an old legend or something."

She wrinkled her nose. "I'm not sure how ethical it is, having underage students drink sake, but maybe I'll have to give it a try then. Have you ever had it?"

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Simon shook his head. "No," he said. "I haven't really been to any... Japanese restaurants."

He wasn't convinced eating raw fish was nice.

"And no one has ever offered me sake outside of one."

Mercy gave a short almost snort of a laugh. "Yeah, not exactly a ton of Japanese restaurants in Aspen Creek, Montana, and they don't exactly serve sake at the diner."

She wasn't exactly about to eat raw fish either - at least not in her human form - and there had always been tastier things to try as a coyote.

There was a brief flicker of a smile on Simon's face. "There are many in London, but I've never been," he explained. "How did the teacher connect sake to war and peace?"

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Kenzi was plotting stuff (Kenzi was always plotting stuff) and she and Mr. Caffrey now had a spying system: he'd go into any open doors, and she'd apologize for him. That way she got to say 'hi' to people she didn't know already with a perfect excuse.

"Oops! Sorry, he gets away from me... bad Mr. Caffrey," she scolded, looking up to see that it was that Invisible Guy from How to Be Cool class (at least that's how she thought of it). "Hey, dude. Ooo. How'd you get the bruise?"

The cat twined around her ankles, apparently begging forgiveness. Ha.

It was a surprise when a random cat entered Simon's room, and then the girl from the class on being the best you could be.

It was because of that surprise that he didn't manage even to consider lying about the bruise. "I fell."

"Doing what?" She leaned down to pick up Mr. Caffrey, and now two pairs of pale blue eyes were studying him with curiosity. "You should get some ice on that, it looks nasty."

"It's fine," he claimed, glancing at it again. Okay, maybe it looked a little bad, and it would definitely stay a while, but at least he hadn't scraped anything enough to draw blood, this time. "I was in the warehouse district. Running."

"Euuugh. With dust and rats and maybe industrial waste? Bactine and major cleanser, dude," Kenzi counseled, tilting her head. "Was someone chasing you or something?" 'Cause, lots of places to run on the island that were pretty, not likely to give him lockjaw. Kenzi took a moment to appreciate the rest of the view, and gave him a grin. "I'm Kenzi, if you don't remember from class. This is Mr. Caffrey."

Yes, she named him after her favorite teacher... or something. Mr. Caffrey purred.

And that was enough to distract Simon from introducing himself, even if she probably was already aware of his name because of said class.

He tilted his head at the cat. "Isn't that... Isn't one of the teachers called Mr. Caffrey?"

He was just the type to know these things.

Kenzi grinned again, half hiding her face behind the little cat-fedora, and the cat blinked steadily at Simon. "Maaaaybe?" Oh, so yes. That was probably pretty clear.

"... Is that Mr Caffrey the professor?"

Oh, Simon was such a smart boy. And now feeling mighty awkward about standing there shirtless in front of a teacher. ... And a girl.

He went to get a fresh shirt from his drawer.

Awwww. Darnit, Kenzi was enjoying that. She shot Mr. Caffrey a glare. He slitted his eyes and his whiskers came forward in a cat-smile.

"Yup. He turned into a cat on Saturday. I'm taking care of him since he doesn't have opposable thumbs right now, and I'm his TA. Oh, but hey, he doesn't judge," she added earnestly. "He's cool like that."

Yeah, it was still a teacher, cat or not, in his room, and Simon just wasn't comfortable with that. He was quick to button up his shirt.

"Doesn't he have anyone else to look after him?" Simon wondered, adjusting his collar once he was done with the buttons. "A... another teacher?"

Kenzi considered, frowning, then said, "You know, I'm sure he has a teaching buddy somewhere, but he never said who it was. And I'm not making Bo take care of him, 'cause if he reappears naked, that could get awkward."

Apparently ignoring how if he re-appeared naked here, it could get awkward. "Mostly he's outside the dorm anyway. My room's too boring for him. I am sorry he came into yours. He gets bored." Heh.

"It's fine." No, it hadn't been, but it was getting to be, and Simon was a polite young man at heart. "I hope he pays you back for this favour. I don't think it's a regular part of the TA job."

"Oh he is so getting me mochachinos after this," Kenzi said. At which, Mr. Caffrey leaped down from her arms, and moseyed over to the door, and proceeded to play in-out with it, ignoring them. Inside the room. Outside. In. Out.

"So yeah, you go invisible? And your name was.... Sam? No. Simon?"

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