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When do I become this... superhero?

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Room 230, Tuesday Afternoon
In an... ununexpected turn of events, Simon was spending his afternoon by the computer, at his desk. Playing some random flash game he'd stumbled upon and couldn't seem to quit playing. Oh well. His classes were done for the week and he figured his run could wait until later.

He hadn't been out yet, so he didn't know whether the ill-advised campaign sign he'd helped hang up yesterday was still there. He had a feeling Wesley might have asked for it to be taken down since he wasn't even supposed to be running.

But that was none of his concern, really. So he was playing.

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Simon had disappeared like a ninjaaa when Wes started getting pouty, and Kenzi wasn't sure if he'd realized he'd missed out on the fries and rings.

So, if he wouldn't come to the food, the food would come to him. She started out knocking on his door, humming.

"Yes?" Simon called out, pausing the game and turning towards the door in his chair. "The door's open."

Kenzi poked it open further, and held up her offering. "I come bearing fried goods and gratitude!" Yay!

"Oh," Simon said. "I... I'd forgotten about that."

You know, while he'd been fleeing the scene like a ninja made of awkward.

Kenzi loped in, taking one of the rings and nibbling on it before perching on the nearest surface. "I have ranch dressing, and some honey mustard. No idea what you Brits like best. You left too fast," she said, just a little reproachful.

"You lied to me," Simon replied mildly. He'd been lied to worse, so he wasn't too upset, but a lie was a lie. "And I didn't want to... interfere in your conversation with Wesley."

Kenzi put the food down and nudged it toward him. "Yeah, I kinda... exaggerated there. Wishful thinking? Hyperbole?" She tilted her head. "I do that sometimes. Reflex. I said that during class, remember?"

"There were a lot of things, in class." He paid attention, but he couldn't remember everything. Mostly, he was just implying it wasn't a great excuse.

But he reached for an onion ring. "Was he upset?"

"Middling. Although he's gone and messed up the whole thing by being Quinn's ally." Seriously. Where were Wes's priorities? She took another fry, and then said, "Sorry. I wasn't playing a trick on you. Just Quinn and Wes, kinda. I should've asked if you wanted in before, hunh?"

"Yes." That much he was certain off. "I don't like being tricked."

But again, he'd been tricked much, much worse.

"Fair enough," Kenzi said, and pointed at one of the little cups. "Honey mustard!" See, she was sorry! Which was not exactly saying she wouldn't do it again, but... there was hope?

"Yes," Simon repeated. Yes, that was indeed honey mustard. He dipped a chip in it, so maybe that was like... accepting that she was like she was, or something. "Is the sign still there?"

"Last I checked." She nibbled happily. "Of course, that doesn't mean Wes hasn't gotten a fit of too much good taste and pulled it down by now." She sighed. "Did they have Student Council crap like this at your last school?"

"No," Simon replied, shaking his head. "I don't think so." Though he'd generally been a bit busy just keeping his head down and trying not to catch any bullies' attention. "Definitely not as... actively as here."

"I don't get it," Kenzi muttered, reaching for another fry. "Should've brought ketchup... I mean, I get that it's good for the college types. But I don't get why. It's party-planning. Although I guess Wes wants to raise money for abused kids, which is cool."

Simon shrugged. "Some people like to plan things?" he offered. "Social... people."

He was not one.

Kenzi grinned and then said, "So what are you into? Aside from superpowers. If it's not social stuff."

Simon bit his lip as he hesitated, not having been expecting that question. "Science fiction," he said then, carefully, as if expecting to be taunted. "And comic books."

"Which ones?" Kenzi immediately asked. "Dark Horse comics or those Dizzy House or graphic novels? Dreamspinner's my fave." She kind of dressed like the a certain Goth Chick personification, actually. She'd already owned up to this in Lit class. Hey, it was a lot easier than trying to read some 18th Century oldtimey person.

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"... Mostly superhero ones."

Yeah, he should've been able to name some titles there, but he was a little taken aback, because that was not generally the reaction he got.

"Kewl." Kenzi grinned at him. "Especially for going to school here, where half the people do magic and shit."

"Yes." He hadn't really thought about it like that, not after the storm and his life turning into a particularly gruesome, less than glamorous comic book life. Still, he smiled the tiniest bit, reaching for some more chips. "I guess so."

Kenzi ate in companionable silence for a bit-- she could do silence if there was food in front of her, and scooped up another onion ring, dipping it in honey-mustard. Simon seemed like good people; not a pushover. She wasn't sure where he was on the scale of norms-outsiders that included her and Toby and Sam. But he seemed okay, wherever he fell.

He was probably in his very own scale of just plain outsiderness. That was how he'd felt throughout most of his life, anyway.

He ate in silence for a while, though it felt weird to him. He'd gone through whole days of not saying a word to anyone, but it was different when there was someone actually there to be silent at. "W-where are you from?"

So, he broke the silence abruptly, with patent awkwardness.

"Canada," Kenzi said, swallowing a mouthful of dunked potato numminess. Ignoring or not noticing the awkward from him there. "All over," she added, waving a hand. "I moved around a bit, the last couple years. School not being an issue. You? What part of England?"

"London." From an estate he wasn't going to bother to mention. It wasn't the best neughbourhood, and the name wouldn't say much to a foreigner. "I didn't move around. At all."

"You like it here?" Kenzi asked, tilting her head. "Or do you miss home?"

"I miss my friends," Simon admitted, with a ghost of a smile. It was answer enough. "But I need to be here right now."

"Yeah? You're going to be here through graduation?" Kenzi asked, looking interested. "You're here 'cause of the invisibility thing?"

"I'm here to learn more about..." And here he mumbled the words. "Being a hero." And quickly onto the other question! While readjusting his collar. "I don't know if I'll stay that long."

"...they teach classes in that here?" Well, they taught classes in cupcakes and how to run cons, why not that? "Awesome."

"There was a class on... heroism, this summer," Simon pointed out. "But it wasn't -- it wasn't really for me."

"Why not?" Kenzi asked, confused. "You have superhero powers. And if you want to help people, who's going to stop you?"

Well, that explained why the lying got to him and all. Superhero! Yay!

"No, I took the class," Simon clarified. "I just don't know if it was... helpful."

Hercules was a little too weird and maybe a bit too upbeat for him.

"I think strategy will be more helpful."

"Hunh," Kenzi said, meditative. "I do like Professor Lannister. Even if he did throw us at purple wolf-lizards, what the hell."

"I didn't like those." No, Simon, most likely no one liked those. "But it's... better to meet them in a simulation?"

"Probably. Although Bruce didn't seem to have a problem." Bruce was way badass like that. "And they're better than gray crazy monsters, am I right?"

Simon nodded pretty emphatically at that. Someone had spent his grey monster time walking around the warehouse district until exhaustion.

"Much better." Much. "I don't want to see those again. Not even in a simulation."

"I feel ya," Kenzi said in deep agreement. "Bo was fairly freaking terrifying like that. I can go a long while before I see anything like that again." She tilted her head. "So you're going to go back and superhero in England when you're done here?"

"Yes." Wait. "N-no? I don't -- I'm not going to be a superhero, I'm just going to..."

What was he going to do?

"Help my friends."

"Very cool," Kenzi said, then paused, a fring in her mouth. "Why do they need help?"

"They... just do." Yeah. He bit on his lip. "It's complicated. I can't tell you, there are... timeline issues. One of my friends is here, but from another universe, and he shouldn't know about things that are going to happen."

"Ooooo." Kenzi zipped her lips, and held her hands up. "I won't ask. That way I can't blab. But... that's cool. You're like that guy from the time-travel movie, trying to fix the timeline or something." She grinned at him, and offered another fry.

Yeeeah. Simon was not going to say anything to that, because... He really did have major timeline issues. Major, major timeline issues. And he wasn't skilled in lying and saying it wasn't anything like that at all, so he stayed silent.

He took the fry, though.


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