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Room 230, Sunday Late Morning
It had been a great big surprise once Alisha had finally managed to get a hold of Simon on Friday night. He'd been playing a game on his computer when she'd called, annoyed that he wasn't at the mixer and she couldn't surprise him properly by just walking up to him with a smile and a 'hiya'. He'd met up with her outside the community center (there was something familiar about that) and told her he was still surprised. In a good way. He'd never wanted to hug anyone so badly in his entire life. That was the only thing that had sullied an otherwise perfect moment.

It was the happiest he'd felt since... ever, pretty much.

He'd shown her around town, then escorted her back to her hotel. They'd spent most of Saturday off the island, exploring the mainland, just the two of them. Sunday morning was the first time he'd invited her up to his room. They were sitting on the floor (her idea) with their backs against his bed, and eating crisps (his idea). He was smiling. He'd been doing that a lot, this weekend. Enough to make him wonder whether his face was going to ache tomorrow from being unaccustomed to so much smiling.

He wouldn't mind it.

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Alisha reached for some more candy, looking around the room. It was... Simon-like. His side of it, anyway. So orderly and neat. She couldn't quite decide which she wanted to look at more, his side or the other one.

The other one won for now.

"So you live with a girl, right?" she asked, tilting her head, telling herself not to feel any hints of stupid jealousy over that. "How's that?"

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Simon nodded, to confirm her first question. "Ramona," he said. "Yes. It's okay. She's nice." He smiled, briefly. "I think she's... dating Nathan. The one who lives here."

That was brand new information. "... She's dating Nathan? What, like our Nathan? Irish, too skinny, curly hair?"

"Yes," Simon said, chuckling softly at that description of their gangly friend. "She's still nice."

Because he could guess what Alisha might've been thinking.


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