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Room 230, Tuesday Afternoon
Simon had finally made it back to Fandom late last night. He'd missed all his finals but that didn't matter to him. He'd stayed in England because it was where he'd needed to be after everything had come back. He'd needed to be sure that everything really was okay.

That none of them were going to disappear again.

Even now, he'd just got off the phone with Alisha who was having trouble believing Fandom was only days from Christmas and had then demanded that he send her something American for as an early Christmas present. Having ended the call, he was smiling to himself as he rearranged some of the things on his desk and thought about what to send her.

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Mercy had been sort of wandering by off and on since she'd been un-Nothinged and feeling a bit blue thinking Simon just might not be returning. So on her regular little 'detour through the second floor' before heading back to her own, she was surprised and delighted to see Simon there.

"You came back!"

Simon turned around after he was done fuming at LJ and could concentrate again and grinned at her.

It was a rarity as far as his expressions went, but right now, he was happy. "I did," he said. "Last night. Hello, Mercy."

She let out a sigh of relief. "I was... I was kind of worried you'd been disappeared and hadn't come back. Or that you weren't going to return to Fandom. I would have missed you."

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Simon's mile turned a little more wry. "I did disappear," he admitted. "And once we cam back, I... wanted to stay with them for a while. My friends."

"Yeah." She was quiet for a moment. "If I could go back to Aspen Creek..."

"Anyway. I understand that."

"Did -- did everyone return for you?" Simon checked. "Everything went back to normal?"

She chewed on the inside of her lip, considering how to say it. "Once I came back I checked. My mom and her new family are okay. I... I think everyone's back in Aspen Creek. I called the motel and hung up when someone answered, so at least I know someone's there. I... they made me leave, so I didn't think I was really welcome to call even to check. Especially since they would have just thought I was crazy."

"My friends thought I was," Simon shared, a little more softly. "Crazy, I mean."

He'd maybe grinned at them. A lot. Not that he hadn't been suspected of being crazy before.

"Wh-why did they make you leave?"

She was quiet for another moment. "I fell in love with this guy, Samuel. He was a werewolf, one of the Marrok's sons. His father caught us kissing in the woods one day and told me I had to collect my things and leave the pack - go live with my mother. Sam and I decided we were going to run away together, but Bran, his father, found out and told me why Sam really wanted to marry me."

She shrugged, the sadness in her shoulders expressing the pain and hurt she still felt over it. "So, I left and went to my mother's, knowing I wasn't welcome back in Aspen Creek again."


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