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Vanishing in figures.

I'm not a pantysniffer. I'm not a pervert.

When do I become this... superhero?

[plot] Girl: Straight ahead.
Simon Bellamy forhisfriends
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A Street in the Abandoned Warehouse District, Sunday Afternoon
Admittedly, Simon had been a little... freaked out, yesterday morning. To find himself smaller, more delicate. And with breasts. His first instinct had been to use his power and hide, with his invisibility, until he felt like he could breathe again.

He could breathe just fine today, and he was visible. He knew this would pass, because these things always did. Until then, he was going to use this to his advantage. As a challenge. He'd spent a lot of his time in the warehouse district, lately, climbing walls and running along the streets. He'd been getting used to it, even though that didn't mean he could do half the things he hoped to eventually be able to. Now, it felt new again. With this new body, he had something different to adjust to, something different to help him prepare for just about anything.

So, he was trying to scale a low wall. It wasn't going very well and he had a few scrapes but he was determined. At least it wasn't a very long way to fall.

[ooc: Mostly 'stablishy, but can be open if there's people around these parts of town!]