Vanishing in figures.

I'm not a pantysniffer. I'm not a pervert.

When do I become this... superhero?

Room 230, Wednesday Afternoon
Jaw set.
Simon was having a weird day. Every day in Fandom was weird, to some extent, he'd already noticed that, but this one was a little weirder than average. Even weirder than last Friday, which had technically been his eighteenth birthday, only he'd already had his eighteenth birthday some months ago.

The weirdness was a certain kind of nervousness. And that nervousness was caused by being about half certain the funeral Ramona was at was, in fact, Nathan's. But he was trying to drown the feeling out by watching a movie on his laptop, sitting by his desk.

It wasn't really working.

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YAY BARRY. Note: there'll obviously be spoilers here up to the end of S2 of Misfits, though the mega major (S2) ones will be in a marked section of their own.

Meet the invisible boy.Collapse )

Also still around: Jeremy Darling and Kate Gregson.Collapse )

Not to mention the player behind them all.Collapse )

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